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FDNA Wet Weather Policy

FDNA Wet Weather Policy

  1. If weather conditions are inclement prior to the commencement of the days games the committee may elect to:
    1. Abandon all outdoor games or
    2. Decide timeslot by timeslot
  2. In the event of a) the decision will be made within the hour preceding the first match.  All Club Secretaries will be notified immediately when a decision is made.
  3. In the event of b) once the committee has deemed it suitable for a game to commence any decision to abandon or forfeit a game is at the discretion of the coaches prior to half time.  At half time the committee may decide to abandon all games (scores stand).  If play resumes any further decision shall be made by the Coaches or the Umpires.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to abandon any match at any time where conditions change from those in which the match commenced.
  5. An Umpire has the authority to call off a match if in their opinion it becomes too dangerous to continue.  Such a decision should be made carefully and in the best interests of those concerned and should only be as a result of the conditions deteriorating since the game commenced.
  6. Once a Committee decision has been made to abandon a game, the Committee only has the power to recommence a game.


Forfeit: One team elects not to play and concedes four points to the opposition

Abandon: Both teams agree not to continue play and take two points each if prior to half time.  At or after half time scores stand.  

In some instances conditions may refer to the state of some of the lower courts where water flow is a significant factor after heavy rain

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